Enabling edge intelligence

We offer highly scalable and rapidly customizable energy-efficient AI accelerators for the extreme edge applications such hearing aids, wearables, bio-medical monitoring, AR/VR and others.

Our goal is to enable the next generation of edge devices that are an order of magnitude smarter than they are today.

Adaptiva: Neural network accelerator for edge AI

Adaptiva is a neural network accelerator that delivers between 10 to 100 TOp/s/W of energy efficiency. We seek to enable the next generations of smart edge devices.

What is possible today

Basic activity detection

Face Identification

Keyword spotting

We enable more

Speaker isolation

Precise activity recognition

Emotion recognition

Visual odometry

Speech synthesis


many others...

Evaluation chip: AdaptiveStorm

We are working on an Innosuisse project with CSEM in building an evaluation chip called AdaptiveStorm for sampling to our early adopter customers.

  • Dual-core RISC-V ASIC

    • Watchdog mode for ultra-low power

    • Nullhop mode for high throughput

  • Neural network co-processor: Adaptiva

  • Supported neural networks

    • Convolutional neural networks including resNet, VGG, MobileNet

    • Recurrent neural networks with multiple layers

If you are interested in joining our evaluation program, please sign up below.

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