ASICs for edge intelligence


~500x more energy-efficient than existing solutions.

Complete solutioning

System-level solutions incl. neural network models optimized for the application.


Support for a wide variety of sensory data and neural network models.


Designed for dynamic workload

Our chips intelligently reconfigure themselves in real-time to consume the least possible amount of energy for the active task.

We also offer solutioning services, to optimize or develop AI models for specific use-cases such as wearables, industrial sensing, monitoring, audio or video.

Two unique modes of operation

Watchdog mode

In-memory processing with neuromorphic elements. Suitable for temporal data processing tasks such as trigger phrase detection, gesture recognition, bio-medical anomaly detection, industrial sensing.

Nullhop mode

A CNN acclerator exploting sparsity and other optimizations. Suitable for tasks such as image segmentation, object recognition, autonomous navigation, speech translation, image interpolation.

Early adopter program


    • Application-specific chip customization

    • We will train or demonstrate neural networks for your use-cases

Many potential use-cases

Consumer devices including wearables, AR/VR, and health monitoring. Space, aerospace & automotive including drones, autonomous navigation, condition monitoring and other applications. Smart sensors for industrial IoT and other energy-starved applications.

Unsure about fit?

We offer fast and free project scoping that will be delivered within weeks. Our goal is to make your decision making process simple and clear.

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