Enabling ubiquitous intelligence

Welcome to the future of intelligent computing with Synthara and ComputeRAM™! 

At Synthara, our mission is to create a world of ubiquitous intelligence, and we're making it happen today. We empower chip makers to revolutionise their ASIC platforms, making them an astounding 50 times more efficient.

Embrace ComputeRAM™ and Synthara, and unlock a future where intelligence is limitless. ComputeRAM™, empowers chip makers to effortlessly weave in-memory computation into their pre-existing platforms. This integration elicits an astounding 50x enhancement in computational performance, without requiring any disruptive alterations to the chip architecture or to the software flows.

Synthara's innovation is in the architecture that allows us to make in-memory computation a programming problem rather than a hardware problem. The technology is processor type agnostic - we can support RISC-V, ARM or x86. It is memory technology agnostic. Our software stack enables the programmer to both run old and new algorithms without rewriting any ComputeRAM-aware code.

For investment, customer or other queries, please use our contact form or email us using contact-us(at)synthara(dot)ai .

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